Kate’s Bio

A former child actor, Kate renounced her Hollywood hopes in favor of a telecommunications degree from Ohio University. She is one of the founders of the Portland chapter of Women in Animation and is an active member of many industry organizations. For 6 years she sat on the board of Bradley Angle, the oldest domestic violence services organization on the west coast. She has been on both the club board and trust board of the downtown Portland Rotary Club,  is currently their President-Elect, and in 2011 she won an Orchid Award for being one of Portland’s Most Influential Women for her work. She is also currently on the board of Bitch Media.

Kate became a partner at Animation Dynamics Inc in 2000 and the sole owner in 2008. In 2014, Kate sold ADi to Funnelbox, a strategic video agency. In 2015/16, Kate was COO at Qcut, making women’s jeans in 400 sizes to fit 8 different body types and all heights.​ ​Her energetic leadership style can best be defined by her tattoos: a series of mathematical equations that represent movement – all led by the word GO.

Kate works with organizations to evaluate the health of their current operational infrastructure; how the current roles and their responsibilities were developed and what they look like, how those roles balance with the finances and bottom line, and how information is communicated internally and externally – both verbal and digital.  She has a hyper-focus on generational impact, gender and cultural influences & instigators, and the intent of why the organization itself exists, and can keep existing, in the 21st century.

Kate’s favorite food is buttered popcorn.

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