What I do:
I truly love creating, talking about, and getting into the problem-solving details around the frameworks of efficient operational structures. I’m an operations wonk to the core, though I spent a long time as a CEO so I get that side of the coin, too. I look at a company as its own entity, what it appears to be and do, then evaluate what roles need to exist, define who does what, push back on any customization of people-to-roles, and make sure the bottom line is in sync with what the company is now and in the near future.

The company that I owned for 15 years is called Animation Dynamics (ADi)

I was also COO at Qcut, making women’s jeans in 400 sizes to fit 8 different body types and all heights.

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Upcoming speaking events:

APRIL 2018:
ACT-W National Conference


What I like to speak about:
These days, I get most excited to speak on leading and managing teams, especially talking about the great importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in every industry and how it has operational and infrastructural impact in all organizations.

My obsession with theoretical math and organizational analysis that includes #diversity #inclusion and #equity has come together with “Chaos Theory + Civil Rights = 21st Century Corporate Practices” presentations this past September at both DevOpsDays London and Open Source Summit North America 2017

I was invited to speak at CUSP Conference in Chicago, a ‘conference about the design of everything’.  It turned out to be a fantastic event that is held yearly, and illustrator Julia Kuo was in the audience and I was honored that she not only sketched during my presentation…



but that she also made some of my points into a more formal illustration.



It’s fantastic to get feedback like this!

In early February 2015, I got to spend a few days at Champlain College and I spoke to students and faculty on topics ranging from Women in Gaming to Ethnographic Animation to the Real-World Leadership of Creatives.

I spoke at FEI (Front End of Innovation), where there were over 100 speakers, about Leading Multigenerational Teams and Julie Kurd listed my presentation in her “#FEI14 Roundup: 10 Innovators and Companies Disturbing the Continuum

I  spoke on a panel at the 3% Conference in San Francisco and that following November, I had the great pleasure of being invited to Lithuania for the Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics conference. Here’s video speaking on “Small is the New Big“.

Core77 published an article I authored about Ethnographic Animation

I co-authored another about it for the Huffington Post

Watch a Vimeo video about EA

I’ve spoken about this topic at IxDATMRE, IDSA, PDMA, CHIFOOMNFWNXNE and Webvisions.

In fact, I spoke at Webvisions again in May 2013 during the SHIFT series.

Chris Noessel of Cooper did a really cool sketchnote of my IxDA12 talk

I spoke at the Digital Marketing Conference at Portland State University

and for 100 women at The Women’s Center for Leadership in 2012

I sat on a panel for a ‘career tools’ event called RUNT in April 2013

Another panel I participated on was for the Global Connect Women Entrepreneurs Expo and Summit in Portland in April 2013

There was also a panel presentation for the film Miss Representation in Portland in August 2013, a solo at TechfestNW in September 2013 and an appearance at the Anita Borg Institute-sponsored Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference in early October 2013.

In February of 2014, I spoke at both ConveyUX (here’s a primer interview I did for that) as well as at WIAD14PDX - at both conferences I spoke on the beauty of using animation in your design work.

I spoke at the 2014 Sustainability in Packaging Conference in Orlando,

and I was also the  moderator at “Guest of Honor: An Evening with Joanna Priestley” at the 2014 POWFest (which my company is a proud sponsor of). Joanna Priestley is amazing, y’all.

I was a keynote at CASRO’s Technology and Innovation event where I elaborated on “The Future of Research Storytelling: Ethnographic Animation”. (And while there in Chicago, I got to see some of my company’s digital signage production on-site, in person, which doesnt always get to happen with a digital signage project. It looks so good!!)


Awards, articles and facts:
2017 posts:
(Lack of) Diversity Will Be The Reason NASCAR Lives or Dies – 7 Points to Save An Industry
A Follow-Up to ‘Diversity in NASCAR’ post

Mic reached out to me for a quote for their article on fighting bias in startup funding.

Portland Monthly featured me in an article about Creative Leadership

And Portland Business Journal announced the beginning of my term with Qcut.

On a day the interwebs called out to women for #mynerdstory, I posted “My zig-zag path to a techcentric career”

In an eBook titled “The WHY Project” published by eROI, CEOs were asked to call out their ‘why moment’ — and mine is on page 11.

In June 2013, The Portland Business Journal published an article featuring me elaborating on digital storytelling.

I won an Orchid Award in 2011 also from the Portland Business Journal.

I’ve sponsored and been an emcee at  POWfest (Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival) for 3 years.

One of my favorite ways to be involved with the community is through Bradley Angle  , the oldest domestic violence shelter and services on the west coast, where I sat on the Board of Directors, as I also did for the trust board of Portland Rotary Club.

Here’s an article about me in the Electronic Design Automation Industry blog and one on ThomsonReuters called the Knowledge Effect, which covered my panel presentation at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Computing Conference. Read a little more about my panel discussion with prominent Creative Directors at the 3% Conference.

If you have a conference or event that you’d like me to attend, please tell me more about it.

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